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  • Latin America and the Caribbean represent a population of around 600 million people. Even though economic indicators have increased in the whole region, it is estimated that 32% of the population is still in poverty. That means that about 180 million citizens do not have access to the fundamental rights that provide a dignified life and minimal human welfare. This directly affects the effectiveness and impact of government plans, the work of the private sector, banks, the activity of international governmental and multilateral agencies, private foundations, development agencies, and every policy and project that seeks fair and equitable welfare of the whole society, particularly its most vulnerable members.

    To reverse those global tendencies require the support of the all citizens and the "agents" of development. A central element, to secure the effectiveness of the measures taken and optimums results, is to put in place efficient systems of accompaniment, facilitation, and inclusive management, which will ensure and guarantee sustainable development.

  • The challenges faced by the Latin America and Caribbean Region, in relation to sustainable development, have a global scope. At the same time this reality offers a great deal of opportunities, through North-South and South – South collaboration, the confluence of the contributions and resources from the public and private sector, the academic world and civil society organizations to address the challenges of poverty and inequity which continue to impacting our communities. We believe in active participation and inclusion of the citizens to reach equitable and sustainable development.

  • ProalSUR contributes 20% of its advisory and consulting services at no cost to communities / organizations that are not able to pay.

    ProalSUR assumes social responsibility as a strategic commitment beyond the specific activities and contributions that can be made. This takes place in everything we do, with a goal that involves a concerted effort with all partners and collaborators.

    This stems from an understanding of social responsibility that recognizes the roles and obligations of the state and governments on one hand, as well as those that correspond to each individual and the civil society as a whole. That way, the public and private sector should seek convergence and complementarity, with the aim of achieving the common welfare of all individuals, without exception.

ProalSUR is an agency of development, with a regional vision, that offers to the public and private sector, and civil society organizations, its knowledge, experience and advice in the entire chain of development and implementation of projects and processes of sustainable development. It is made up by a team of expert professionals and partners, with and extensive expertise in the field of international cooperation, research, training, management, planning, monitoring and evaluation of initiatives related to sustainable development.
ProalSur, headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica and Santiago, Chile, works in different countries in the region, which includes among others, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Chile.
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